Hey Everybody, We’re Going Streaking!

One idea that's caught my interest lately is streaking. Not the go-run-around-naked-in-public kind of streaking (it's too cold for that!), but the kind of streak that gets everyone excited when, say, a sports team wins several games in a row. The first streaking that caught my attention (again, it's below zero around here, so there … Continue reading Hey Everybody, We’re Going Streaking!

Unintentional Simple Living

I am an idiot. Earlier this week, I was attempting to back up all of our files so that I could reformat our creaky, old computer so that it might last a bit longer. Instead, I managed to delete pretty much all of our files.I accidentally reformated our computer's secondary drive, which contained:all of our photos (probably … Continue reading Unintentional Simple Living

Blow Up Your TV

Exciting news: I've recently started out a side gig writing at Greatist.com, which is a super-fun health and fitness website. It's an awesome website, full of awesome writers (te he!), and I hope you'll check it out. Just open the site in new tab, read this post (Don't worry, it's pretty short!), and then go there and see what's … Continue reading Blow Up Your TV