Look at Your Trout Lilies!

The trout lilies are blooming! This is a good sign that spring is really here, and a great time to go out in the woods and check out all the spring ephemerals before the mosquitoes come out. Trout lilies also provide a great opportunity to do a little bit of citizen science. The Trout Lily … Continue reading Look at Your Trout Lilies!


Nature Scenes and Hospital Recovery

We found ourselves in the hospital earlier this week for Sexy's broken ankle. It was not a lot of fun—not fun at all—but it did give me the opportunity to see the results of some nature-based research in action. In the hospital room we used before and after the surgery, the wall that separated us from … Continue reading Nature Scenes and Hospital Recovery

Are you spending enough time in nature?

What's your connection like with the natural world? It can be hard to find time to get outside, even though spending time in nature has enormous benefits. The Univeristy of Minnesota website has an online assessment to help you evaluate your connection to nature so that you can identify areas where you are doing well and … Continue reading Are you spending enough time in nature?

2015 Gardens in Review

It's time to bring this year's garden season to an end. There's really nothing left to do inside the garden besides pick a few carrots, so I need focus the remaining weeks before snowfall on raking leaves, tending grapes, and whatever else I can manage to do to get ahead for next year.  But, before I do … Continue reading 2015 Gardens in Review

GO: Get Outside!

How much time do you spend outside? If you're like most people—including me—it's probably not all that much. Last fall I made a small challenge for myself, code name Project Get Out, to spend a half-hour outside each day, even in crappy fall weather, which is the worst. I'm going to do it again this … Continue reading GO: Get Outside!