5 Free Apps for Exploring the Outdoors

A few months ago I finally caved in and got myself a smartphone. I'd been putting it off for as long as possible, happy to be called a Luddite by my techier friends while I kept my cheapie flip phone for occasional calls and texts. But I upgraded phones* for my bike tour, and was … Continue reading 5 Free Apps for Exploring the Outdoors


All the Trees in our Woods

Tonight was a totally gorgeous night, so I took the time to take a slow walk around our property and see what trees are out there as part of my quest to record all the plants on our property. I feel pretty sheepish that I've never done this before in the six years that we've … Continue reading All the Trees in our Woods

Very Spring, Very Fast

When I woke up this morning, I sat up in bed to look at the sun coming through big, beautiful leaves on the tress in our woods with the kind  of perfect low, yellow light that makes everything look super pretty. And the first thing that come into my mind was Cat Steven singing "Morning … Continue reading Very Spring, Very Fast

Happy spring! Plan your garden.

Happy first day of spring!! Many of you may live in places where it actually seems like spring. Perhaps there are daffodils or tulips or trees that are starting to leaf out. Or at least some patches of bare ground and puddles. Yes, that sounds really nice, and I don’t even care if you feel … Continue reading Happy spring! Plan your garden.