Weekend Reading 

Being a librarian must be exciting. At least, that is, it must be kind of  exciting for those of us who are a little nosy.  I can imagine that it would be fun to see the different books that people check out, and infer—or flat out fabricate—the details of some stranger’s life. Call it profiling, but I think it would be entertaining!

This isn’t a particularly novel thought,  but it only just occurred to me today. I had little extra time between errands so I dropped by the library to see if anything caught my eye. Twenty minutes later I walked out with four books that I suspect say more about me than I even realize.

Two are gardening books. One on gardening through the year by Eliot Coleman, an expert from Maine about whom the instructors of my season extension course raved. The other isn’t exactly about gardening directly, but is rather a cookbook to help use up all those veggies I supposedly* grew this summer. Continue reading “Weekend Reading “