Hey Everybody, We’re Going Streaking!

One idea that's caught my interest lately is streaking. Not the go-run-around-naked-in-public kind of streaking (it's too cold for that!), but the kind of streak that gets everyone excited when, say, a sports team wins several games in a row. The first streaking that caught my attention (again, it's below zero around here, so there … Continue reading Hey Everybody, We’re Going Streaking!

Speaking of Routines

The folks at Info We Trust made an awesome infographic based on the book Daily Rituals to show the daily habits of a number of creative folks. It's a really fun graphic, so you have to check it out. This is awesome! And timely to share given my recent post about morning routines. It's great to see how different … Continue reading Speaking of Routines

Beginning of a Morning Ritual

I often wish that I had a dedicated morning routine— not just the kind of wake up, take a shower... thing that I do on a daily basis, but a routine or ritual that was intentionally planned and designed to set a specific tone for the day. I'm envious of people who have the discipline to wake up at 5 … Continue reading Beginning of a Morning Ritual