Weekend Hermit

I have a tendency to stay home on weekends. I usually try to spend at least one entire weekend day at home. Sometimes I make it from Friday afternoon to Monday morning without going anywhere. This seems weird to some people and I do miss out on some weekend activities and shenanigans with my friends. But I do it on purpose.

Home, in the middle of winter.

One reason is I need the weekend is Continue reading “Weekend Hermit”

Two Rules to Dress for Cold-Weather Running

When it gets cold, I forget how to get dressed.

As fall transitions to winter and the temperatures start to drop below freezing, I respond by piling on more and more layers (and eating more and more cookies, although that’s not the point here…). This sounds warm and cozy, but it’s problematic when I go for a run. Just the other day, which was beautiful and sunny, I looked at the snow on the ground (just 2 or 3 inches), the temperature below freezing, and the slight wind and decided to pile on the layers so that I could stay warm during an easy run. Well, I’d severely overdressed. Not much more than a half mile in, I was unzipping my light jacket, and ditching my gloves. At the first mile mark, I had to ditch my hat and tie the jacket around my waist.

This situation reminded me of two great rules for dressing for cold weather running that (when I follow them) work like a charm: Continue reading “Two Rules to Dress for Cold-Weather Running”

Project Get Out: Week 8

Project Get Out is my personal challenge to spend at least a half hour a day outside for the fall. Because even though I work in natural resources and write about the outdoors, I don’t get out nearly enough.

This project was supposed to be my fall challenge to get outside more, but when I look out there, it’s already winter.

Monday: Another inside day, aka a fail. The days are just too short. If I don’t get home early, there’s no time to get outside while it’s still daylight. We’re now down to just over 9 hours of daylight: 8 am until a little after 5 pm. It’s tough to get out during the day. Of course I could go out after dark, but with two recent cougar sightings in the UP, I have another excuse to stay inside and watch that damn TV.

Tuesday: Holiday! I was going to spend the day doing some errands in town, but stayed home because we got a snowstorm on Tuesday. By the end of the day, the snow was well over a foot deep and it would have been impossible to get my car out of the driveway. Continue reading “Project Get Out: Week 8”