More Trees, Please!

Last year when I identified all the trees in our woods, I was most excited to find an elm tree in the southwest corner of our property, close to the road. As it turns out, I overlooked another bigger elm tree on the southeast corner of our property, so we have at least two. Now … Continue reading More Trees, Please!


Good Day, Sunshine!

I was able to borrow a friend's Solar Pathfinder so that I could get a better sense of our property's sun exposure. The center of the Pathfinder shows the path of the sun throughout the day for different months of the year, while the bubble-top device has a reflective surface that shows the location of any … Continue reading Good Day, Sunshine!

Slow Down Summer

Summer is always such a swirl of activity. There's a long progression from March all the way through June as the weather slooooowly gets better (wait for it... wait for it...) and then (bam!) suddenly it's ridiculously hot out and July is half over. I haven't been writing much because I've been trying hard to actually get outside … Continue reading Slow Down Summer