How to Launch an Adventure

1. Daydream a big, bold, exciting adventure. Something that's within reach, but perhaps the kind of reach where you have to stand on your tippy toes and grab on to something that's uncomfortably far above the ground. If it was something that seemed impossible a few years ago, that's a good sign. So too is that slightly … Continue reading How to Launch an Adventure

Delayed: Making the Best of Tarmac Time

I usually don't blog from on the road,  but that's how it's going to work today. I'm on my way back from a phenomenal forestry meeting in Vermont, trying to work my way home. But due to thunderstorms and various other airline shenanigans, we've been stuck on the tarmac for two hours watching it rain. … Continue reading Delayed: Making the Best of Tarmac Time

Announcing my Summer Adventure!

It's official-- I'm doing a bike tour across much of Michigan in late June!!! I'm freaking out a little. Or a lot. Depending on the day. It's really far across Michigan. From Ironwood in the far west edge of the Upper Peninsula to the town of Monroe on the southeast corner of the state, it's … Continue reading Announcing my Summer Adventure!

Extreme Gratitude

Just a short-ish post this week — I've been traveling across parts of New England all week, and it's been tremendously exciting. I'm just so happy and grateful for all of it. I'm particularly grateful for leaves. After a long winter, it was fantastic to arrive in Connecticut (a new state — kapow!) and see leaves on … Continue reading Extreme Gratitude

8 Ways to Find Nature at the Airport

Travel is exciting! Travel is fun! Unless you're stuck in the airport while you wait for your next flight — then travel sucks.  I'm getting ready for a big work trip next week (check back for details and pictures!) and prepping myself for some time in the airport. Lately, I've been trying to reframe the [hideous, boring] … Continue reading 8 Ways to Find Nature at the Airport

Place of the Week: Washington

I thought things would be calmer after the holidays, but not so. Which means that I haven't been posting as much. So welcome to what I home will be a [generally] weekly feature-- one special place from the past week. Only, in this first installation, I'm already kind of cheating. Here are two special places … Continue reading Place of the Week: Washington