More Trees, Please!

Last year when I identified all the trees in our woods, I was most excited to find an elm tree in the southwest corner of our property, close to the road. As it turns out, I overlooked another bigger elm tree on the southeast corner of our property, so we have at least two. Now … Continue reading More Trees, Please!


Good Day, Sunshine!

I was able to borrow a friend's Solar Pathfinder so that I could get a better sense of our property's sun exposure. The center of the Pathfinder shows the path of the sun throughout the day for different months of the year, while the bubble-top device has a reflective surface that shows the location of any … Continue reading Good Day, Sunshine!

Find Your Own Christmas Tree

With Thanksgiving over, it's bound to be a mad dash through the rest of the holiday season. For many families, going outside to find ad cut this year's Christmas tree is beloved tradition. In some places, there are Christmas tree farms that allow you to go out and select your own professionally-grown and manicured tree. … Continue reading Find Your Own Christmas Tree

Blueberry Mini-Adventure (and Muffins!)

We all hated jack pine in college. In forestry school, we spent an entire fall semester alternating our time between cool, moist hardwood forests and the hot, dusty jack pine plains. The hardwoods were comfortable to work in and a lot less likely to harbor nests of vicious hornets. It took me a long time … Continue reading Blueberry Mini-Adventure (and Muffins!)

Slog this Way: Finding a Special Swamp

This week's mini-adventure had a few things in coming with the last one, including hot sticky weather, blistered feet, and that creepy feeling of being alone-but-perhaps-not-really-alone in the woods. Happily, I did not see any bears. I volunteered to take a look at a property for Keweenaw Land Trust to see what's out there and make sure … Continue reading Slog this Way: Finding a Special Swamp

My Trek to Find a Forest Island

When I visit cities, I like to walk. I will walk until my feet hurt and I get blisters, but I rarely get sick of walking someplace new if there's ample time and my feet are up for it. Washington DC is a great place to walk. It's clean, it's pretty, there's plenty to see, and public … Continue reading My Trek to Find a Forest Island

5 Free Apps for Exploring the Outdoors

A few months ago I finally caved in and got myself a smartphone. I'd been putting it off for as long as possible, happy to be called a Luddite by my techier friends while I kept my cheapie flip phone for occasional calls and texts. But I upgraded phones* for my bike tour, and was … Continue reading 5 Free Apps for Exploring the Outdoors