Six More Weeks of Winter

A few days ago, my husband announced, "All the snow will be gone is six weeks." He didn't literally mean that all the snow would be gone---it's 3 feet deep in the woods, and much deeper in banks along road edges. Piles will stick around a long time. But he did mean that most of … Continue reading Six More Weeks of Winter


Brr! How to Layer Up and Brave the Cold

Colder weather can make it hard to get outside and enjoy being there for any length of time. Fall poses a triple threat: the days get shorter and darker, the weather can be finicky and unpleasant, and there always seem to be a lot of holiday distractions (hello Halloween candy!!). Winter is just plain... winter. Dressing the … Continue reading Brr! How to Layer Up and Brave the Cold

Blow Up Your TV

Exciting news: I've recently started out a side gig writing at, which is a super-fun health and fitness website. It's an awesome website, full of awesome writers (te he!), and I hope you'll check it out. Just open the site in new tab, read this post (Don't worry, it's pretty short!), and then go there and see what's … Continue reading Blow Up Your TV

Beginning of a Morning Ritual

I often wish that I had a dedicated morning routine— not just the kind of wake up, take a shower... thing that I do on a daily basis, but a routine or ritual that was intentionally planned and designed to set a specific tone for the day. I'm envious of people who have the discipline to wake up at 5 … Continue reading Beginning of a Morning Ritual