Quitting When it’s Time

I got an email from the president of a club I was previously active in. Hey Maria! I haven’t seen you at our meetings for a while. Just wondered if there’s anything I can help with, or if you plan to return. Hope to hear from you soon! It was such a nice email. I … Continue reading Quitting When it’s Time


Foraging… no… Superfood Hunting

I listen to a lot of podcasts, and the Rich Roll podcast is one that always has inspiring guests discussion interesting ideas at the intersection of health, performance, and spirituality. Given that my two most recent posts have been about foraging (here and here), I was really happy to see that Rich Roll interviewed superfood … Continue reading Foraging… no… Superfood Hunting

An Open Letter to My Pre-Workout Self

Dear Maria, I know you don't want to work out. I can imagine exactly how you feel right now: tired, burnt out, unmotivated, and/or slow. Also, probably hungry. Just about anything seems better than changing clothes and getting down to it. Suddenly, work just got a lot more interesting didn't it? Or did you suddenly … Continue reading An Open Letter to My Pre-Workout Self

Unconventional Living: Breakfast Salads

I bought breakfast cereal the other day, for the first time in ages. Sexy requested it, because his ankle is broken and he wanted some easy meals around the house. I tried a few bites when I was getting him a bowl. It's been two years since I'd had any cereal, and probably closer to three … Continue reading Unconventional Living: Breakfast Salads

Nature Scenes and Hospital Recovery

We found ourselves in the hospital earlier this week for Sexy's broken ankle. It was not a lot of fun—not fun at all—but it did give me the opportunity to see the results of some nature-based research in action. In the hospital room we used before and after the surgery, the wall that separated us from … Continue reading Nature Scenes and Hospital Recovery

Racing the Chippewa Canoe Triathlon

This past weekend was one of my big highlights for the year: the Chippewa Canoe Triathlon. Sara, my best friend from college, first suggested we do the race in 2010. We've done the three events—canoeing, biking, and running—through woods and water in northern Minnesota nearly every June since then. It's a hard race traversing nearly … Continue reading Racing the Chippewa Canoe Triathlon